Smash It! Supersized Enter Key & Pillow

BKR Design

Smash It! Supersized Enter Key & Pillow

 Cure the Mondays and smash through those spreadsheets with the Smash It! Supersized Enter Key. You wouldn't believe how stress relieving this can be.

Replying to an annoying email? SMASH IT and it's sent
Filing some tax returns? SMASH IT and it's done
Last bit of work on a Friday? SMASH IT and the week is over



    • Stress Relieving - Studies prove that smashing things can be reduce stress by up to 200% (Source not available).
    • Efficiency - Improve your work output and efficiency dramatically. No longer do you have to reach over to the enter key with your weak little finger. Just Smash the enter key.
    • Sleep at Work - Work can be stressful. But no longer! If you can't relieve enough stress by smashing the pillow, then you can sleep on the job. You have our permission.




Material: 100% Cotton
Wash: Not Removable and Washable
Technics: Handmade
Filling: Cotton
Input: USB
Software: Not required, just Plug & Play
Compatible with: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS 10.10 and below
Size: 8.3inches x 4.3inches x 5.9inches (21cm x 11cm x 15cm)


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