Essential Oils Package

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Essential Oils Fragrance of Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange

Promote the benefits of aromatherapy with a range of fragrances, and experience the health benefits of each essential oil. Essential oils have been shown to promote anti-inflammatory sterilization, promote skin regeneration, improve acne, scars, impetigo, burns and sunburns.
Use to relax and rejuvenate with the essential oils improving breathing, relieving nerves, improving sleep and addressing issues with hayfever.



Use for aromatherapy, sauna, foot bath, massage, baths or air purifying. Add a few drops of essential oil to the filtered water, purify air, kill viruses and eliminate odours.
The various essential oils all provide different benefits. Pick according to your needs or try them all!
    • Lavender - Promotes sleep, soothing, promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, treat burns and sunburn.Can improve acne, eczema, psoriasis and scars. Improve muscle pain, menstrual pain, headache and dizziness. Treat anti rheumatism, influenza, trauma and lower blood pressure. Also works as an insecticide.
    • Lemongrass - Balance oil secretion, shrink pores, improve microvascular rupture, soften the skin, treated by sores and flat warts. Sterilization, stimulate the blood circulation, improve digestion, enhance immunity, reduce muscle pain, anti rheumatism, improve the cold, anemia and helps lymphatic drainage.
    • Tea Tree - A truly fresh fragrance, brings a calming sensation, restores the physical strength, and works as an anti inflammation for infections.
    • Peppermint - Refreshingly cool. Primarily used to clear throat and nasal issues and even helps to eliminate bad breath!
    • Rosemary - Enhances the memory, and provides focus and clear-headedness when used. It is also beneficial liver and gallbladder, it helps with detoxification to effectively purify the body.
    • Orange Oil - Can effectively improve dry skin, reduce wrinkles, and promote metabolism. Inspire the spirit, eliminate stress and restore vitality. Orange oil can also treat insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, improve laryngeal discomfort, asthma, bronchitis and antiviral infection.























Main ingredient: Plant extracts
Capacity: 10ml/bottle
Quantity: 6 bottles/box
Durability period: 3 years
Production Date: Attached with package


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