KidSafe: Touch Screen Location Tracking Smart Watch

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KidSafe: Touch Screen Location Tracking Smart Watch

Never lose track of your kids! A must own for parents whose kids have a habit of running off on their own. Using 3-mode GPS functionality, the smart watch links to a downloadable app, allowing you to see where your children are at all times and communicate with them through integrated quick message functionality. 

Intelligently made Smart Watch created for child safety. This touchscreen smart watch links to the parents’ smart phone, allowing for constant tracking of young children’s movements and built-in communication for when you need to talk to them.


  • GPS, AGPS and LBS three-mode function for accurate tracking.
  • Safe Calls: Allow for calls and messages to only come from the contact list created on your phone
  • Electronic Fence: allow for instant alerts if your child leaves a designated area up to 500m.
  • SOS: Send quick SOS alert from the contact list
  • Anti-Loss: If your child removes it from their wrist, a phone alert will come through. You can track lost watches with GPS functions.
  • Walkie Talkie: Two way calls and voice messages between the watch and phone
  • Step Tracker: keep track of your children’s activity levels with the integrated step tracker
  • Remote Listening: use the microphone functionality to remotely listen in to what they are up to.
  • Low Battery Alerts: Don't worry when the battery is low - alerts sent to your phone to remind you to charge the watch
  • Touchscreen: Modern, smart watch interface with touch screen functionality
  • Durable design: Avoid breakage with a durable shatter proof glass


Material: Rubber & Silica Gel
Screen size: 1.44”
Screen Type: OLED
Resolution: 240x240 px
Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
Battery: 420mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery 3.7V
Standby time: 2–3 days
Requires: 2G Sim Card (not included)


Please check if your local region supports 2G Networks - some regions have been turned off during 2017

Please check out our KidSafe 3G Smartwatch if this applies to you

    How To Use

    Scan QR code on the packing box, which you can find at the button of boxes.
    Download the App and Register Account on Parent's Phone
    Scan QR Code on Watch to sync with Phone

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