LED USB Clock Fan

BKR Design


LED USB Clock Fan

Ever bored in your office or just looking for an additional chill this summer? This device is a USB powered fan with some additional oomph. This funky device displays an LED clock as it spins, keeping accurate time tracking while cooling you down.



    • Keep Cool - Don't swelter in the summer months, keep cool with a USB fan that easily plugs into any laptop, PC or USB power device.
    • Easy to Use - The device is designed to be Plug and Play. Once you've set the time, it will keep track even after you've turned it off.
    • Safe Design - The fan has been specifically design to be 100% safe to use, with soft but durable PVC plastic blades so it won't hurt you even if you accidentally touch it while it is spinning
    • Adjustable & Flexible - The neck of the LED USB Clock Fan is made of flexible separated metal, allowing you to flexibly adjust the height and direction of the fan.







  • Plug your device into a USB port and press the button to turn the fan on and activate the clock display. 
  • Press and hold the button until the minute hand blinks, then release. 
  • While it is flashing, press and hold the button until the watch starts to turn and release when it reaches the desired time. 
  • To make small changes, Press the "SET" button once for each minute. 
  • The time is automatically stored in after 6 seconds without activity. After the first time setting, it will remain when turn off, no need to set it again.



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